02.Oct.14 2 weeks ago
24.Sep.14 3 weeks ago
yuh you just posted a vid with a white looking domeless nail. i just gotta let you know that looks like a corroding nail = impure titanium. You definitely don't want to be using that for dabbing / really bad for you / hurts the flavor. You can grab plenty of quality nails online/headshop for a decent price and i suggest u do so asap

Information source? I use a Grade 2 14/18 DualTi by Highly Educated. Please provide scientific evidence on how dabbing Grade 2 titanium is bad for bodily health and cannabis oil terpenesI’ve seen this argument take place prior to your concern. I’m aware of titanium oxidation which occurs at a little over 1100 degrees Fahrenheit and will always dab low temp to avoid any burnt tasting oil. I dab an above average amount of full melt, when I torch off the nail it leaves a white ashy substance (most likely what you’re seeing) which I cannot remove unless I scrape, torch, and repeat. Lets try and circulate facts, not rumors :) 

23.Sep.14 4 weeks ago